Tea & Cake with Barbara Anslow

Author of Tin Hats & Rice

Friday 15th March 2019 at Oasis Café from 3-4pm

Tickets £5 including Tea and Cake with Barbara’s Book only £12 (RRP £13.99)

“I can’t visualise us getting out of this, but I want to TRY to believe in a future,” wrote 23-year-old Barbara Anslow (then Redwood) in her diary on 8th December 1941, a few hours after Japan first attacked Hong Kong.

Her 1941-1946 diaries are an invaluable source of information on the civilian experience in British Hong Kong during the second world war, recording her thoughts and experiences through the fighting, the surrender, three-and-a-half years of internment, then liberation and adjustment to normal life. 

Local resident Barbara was thrilled when her diaries were finally published just a couple of months before her 100th Birthday and we are equally delighted to welcome her to Frinton to tell us all about them.


Monday 4th March at 10.30am and 7pm. Wednesday 6th March at 7pm and Friday 8th March at 10.30am.


Set in a frozen winter landscape, the new novel from the prize-winning, acclaimed author David Park is a psychologically astute, expertly crafted portrait of a father’s inner life and a family in crisis

An Irish Times Book of 2018

I am entering the frozen land, although to which country it belongs I cannot say.

The world is shrouded in snow. Transport has ground to a halt. Tom must venture out into a transformed and treacherous landscape to collect his son, sick and stranded in student lodgings.

But on this solitary drive from Belfast to Sunderland, Tom will be drawn into another journey, one without map or guide, and is forced to chart pathways of family history haunted by memory and clouded in regret.

Written in spare, crystalline prose by one of the most important voices in contemporary Irish writing, Travelling in a Strange Land is a work of exquisite loss and transformative grace. It is a novel about fathers and sons, grief, memory, family and love; about the gulfs that lie between us and those we love, and the wrong turns that we take on our way to find them.