We do lots of exciting events for children throughout the year including author visits, competitions and reading groups. Watch this space to find out what we’re up to and when!

World Book Day 2019

Author Sarah Finn visits 7 schools in two days with her wonderful book Erik the Lone Wolf. Everybody knows that wolves live in packs. But …



This year, the theme for Frinton Literary Festival Children’s Poetry Competition is: OUR POLLUTED WATERS Children are free to interpret this in any way they …


Join our Tiger Tea Party

To celebrate Independent Bookshop Week Join our Tiger Tea Party on Wednesday 20th June at 3.30pm We will have: Tiger Cup Cakes Tiger Masks to …


Independent Bookshop Week Bear Hunt

To celebrate Independent Bookshop Week & 25 years of We’re Going on a Bear Hunt… We’re inviting you to go on a Bear Hunt in …


Celebrate World Book Day 2018

To celebrate World Book Day 2018 come and share a story with Hugless Douglas in the shop on Tuesday 27th and Wednesday 28th February and Thursday 1st March from …


Book Review by Beatrice Easterbrook, aged 8

‘The Girl Who Saved Christmas’ by Matt Haig About the Book Interestingly, the book is all about the sentimental value of hope and the fact …


Winnie the Pooh comes to Frinton!

Here’s our lovely Winnie-the-Pooh window, celebrating 90 years of the most wonderful bear!! 

Come and see the beautifully new jacketed books….they make the perfect Christmas or Christening Presents.


Frinton Literary Festival 2016 Children’s Poetry Competition Winners


The theme this year was FREEDOM and here are some of the winning poems:

Dream Big For Freedom by Maisey Smith  Aged 6 – Hamford Primary Academy

Freedom can be anything. Anything you want.

Freedom is magical and powerful you never know what it can bring

Freedom is a new start and beginning

You can always have a happy manner with freedom.

Freedom holds a lot in your heart.

Freedom by Jessica Levy – Aged 5  – Holland Park Primary School

A big forest far away from me,
That’s where I want to be,
That’s what it is like to be free,
With chimpanzees and cheeky monkeys,
Tigers laying in their lair,
With a growling grizzly bear,
Wolves howling in the night,
And roaring lions having a fight,
Beautiful flowers, colourful and magic,
Drinking waters from far away planets,
Gorillas thumping in the trees,
Maybe a Gruffalo with knobbly knees,
And mice jumping through the logs,
Hiding from the muddy hogs,
That’s what I dream to be,
All those animals with freedom,
So free.

 Freedom is Delicious  by Grace Westow – Aged 6 – Hamford Primary Academy

As free as an angel, in the air by a waterfall.

As free as a dolphin, at Moonta Bay.

As free as a butterfly, flying through the wind.

As free as a horse, galloping through the field.

As free as a boy, running on fire.

Free As A Bird By Julie Dunsmore, aged 10 – Holland Park Primary School.

Free as a bird that takes flight,

Free as a bird that soars through the night.

Free as a bird that opens it’s wings,

Free as a bird that chirps and sings.

Free as a bird that escaped it’s cage,

Free as a bird that found it’s way.

Free as a bird who has it’s freedom,

Free is the bird, we love and need them.

Freedom By Louis Symes  –  Aged 8 – St Philomena’s School Catholic School

Free from heavy chains,
Running from the captors.
Exit from slavery,
Escape from misery.
Dreading every second,
Only if I were free.
Men almost killed me!

Freedom Poem By Odyseas Finn McSherry, Aged 9 – St Philomenas’s Catholic School

What a beautiful sight!
You still fill me with delight!
Liberty is upon us all
So we must cherish it for ever

Finally we can realise our personality
And be unstoppable
For we are free
So spread your wings
And escape the prisons of confinement
So be yourself

Enough restraint
Just have fun
Finally no more lying
No more pretending for me
For I am free!

Author Piers Torday to visit shop – twice!

Each year as part of the Frinton Literary Festival we take authors into all 6 local primary schools as well as Tendring Technology College.

This year, we are very lucky to have Piers Torday visiting Frinton Primary School, Hamford Primary Academy and St Philomena’s on Monday 10th October and he has kindly agreed to come to the shop after his school visits at 3.30pm to sign copies of his brilliant children’s trilogy
The Last Wild together with his latest book – There May Be A Castle.
So do join us if you can to grab yourself a signed copy and have a chat with award-winning author Piers Torday.


Piers Torday to visit the book shop



Marking 100 years since the birth of Roald Dahl – the world’s number one storyteller.



We have these wonderful canvas bags to give away FREE wth every purchase over £15


£5 without book purchase – only while stocks last!

Bag yourself a whoopsy-splunkers, phizz-whizzing, gloriumptious

‘the BFG is my BAG’ bag for a jumpsquiffling celebration of Roald Dahl.




daniel and mark MassseyOn Saturday 30th July we joined hundreds of book shops throughout the land by opening in time for the stroke of midnight.

Together with a great group of very excited Harry Potter fans, we then had a count down to one minute past midnight, when we were allowed to open the boxes containing the eighth Harry Potter book.

Daniel Massey was the first youngster in Frinton to lay his hands on the book and as you can see his father Mark was equally thrilled!


Every year as part of the Frinton Literary Festival, we organise for authors to visit local schools.  This year we have two brilliant authors going into into 6 local primary schools AND Tendring Technology College. This is a service that is provided free by the festival, thanks to the continued support of local sponsors and loyal festival goers. We hope this helps to promote the love of literature amongst the young people of our community.

children's authorsThis year, we are delighted to welcome back the amazing Abi Elphinstone who will be visiting Walton Primary School, Kirby Primary School and Holland Park Primary School talking about her fabulours series of books featuring the fearless twelve-year-old Molly Pecksniffde: The Dreamsnatcher and The Shadow Keeper.

We are also incredibly lucky to welcome the award winner author Piers Torday who will be visiting Frinton Primary School, Hamford Primary Academy and St Philomena’s.  A former theatre and television producer, Piers is the author of five books, for children and adults. His bestselling first book for children, The Last Wild, was shortlisted for the Waterstones Children’s Book Award and has been translated into over 13 languages. His second book, The Dark Wild, won the Guardian Children’s Fiction Prize.


Returning to Tendring Technology School is author Emma Craigie, who will be talking to Year 9 students about her latest novel What Was Not Said, as well as GCSE and A Level students about her latest work of non-fiction – Hitler’s Last Day: Minute by Minute, which she co-wrote with Jonathan Mayo.

Children’s Competition – Win the chance to be an Independent BOOKSELLER!!

 Pick your FAVOURITE book from the

The Independent Bookshop Award 2016 Shortlist and you could become a Bookseller!

How to Enter:

Pop into the shop to pick up the 2016 Children’s Shortlist Titles

Choose your favourite book from the list

Come back to the shop with your nomination

We’ll take a photo of you and the book for our window display

Your name will go into the hat for the prize draw.


 1st Prize:          ONE WHOLE HOUR as an independent Bookseller

PLUS a £20 Caxton Book Token.

2nd Prize:        £20 Caxton Book Token

3rd Prize:        £10 Caxton Book Token


We were delighted to welcome three local Headteachers to cut the ribbon and open our lovely revamped Children’s Corner.  Mrs McKeown from St Philomena’s, Mrs Barlow from Frinton Primary and Mr Ashmore-Short from Hamford Primary Academy can be seen here with some pupils from the schools celebrating World Book Day in fancy dress.  Many thanks to all for their continued support.


Happy World Book Day


Our most recent school reading group has just read ‘MEET ME AT THE ARK AT EIGHT’.  Here are some of the reviews from Frinton Primary School Years 3 & 4.

ark at eightReview by Daniel Massey

What it’s about:  It’s time of Noah’s ark and a (rather fat) dove tells two penguins to go to Noah’s ark. ‘‘There’s space for two penguins-didn’t I mention that?’ asks the dove.’’ They smuggle their friend, a third penguin, onto the ark to try and save him from the flood.

What I liked:  I liked all of it!  It made me worried when the dove came to investigate. I’ve laughed out loud at it and felt like I’m on the scene of the penguins adventure. I also liked it when the characters talked about what they thought God was like. It was nice that the book was written from the penguins point of view. I particually liked the use of moden things like cheese cake, gamberling, suitcase’s and light bulbs.

What I disliked:  I disliked the fact that the main characters had no names , just the dove or the littlest penguin.

Overall:  Overall I think it is a great book. I fully recommend ‘Meet at the ark at eight’ for ages seven and up.

dove and penguins

Review by Tom Sharman

Summary  The story is about 3 penguins. 1 penguin doesn’t believe in god. The 3 penguins have an argument about if God exists. Then a (rather chubby) dove flies in and tells them God has started a flood and he has chosen them two (not three. Two.) But they don’t want to leave the 3rd penguin behind…

What I liked:I liked the humour. For example: When the third penguin pretended to be God and asked for cheesecake.

What I disliked:I disliked Noah’s description. It made him sound horrendous.


WBD 2016 logoWORLD BOOK DAY 2016

Florentine & Pig’s



  •  Watch the 46 second video on the television in the window or click on the image below….

Count how many times a butterfly appears on the screen

  •  Pop into the shop to put your answer on a butterfly
  • The First Correct Entry pulled out of the hat on 31st March will win a £20 Caxton Books & Gallery Voucher

With our amazingly generous James Patterson Grant we will be bringing the Greensward into the shop.  Head Teachers from Frinton Primary, Hamford Primary and St Philomena’s will be coming to the shop on World Book Day to officially open our lovely new Children’s Corner at 4.30pm.  We hope to see you there!

This is the inspiration for our revamp of the Children’s Corner:


boy called christmasThis is the true story of Father Christmas. It is a story that proves that nothing is impossible. A Boy Called Christmas is a tale of adventure, snow, kidnapping, elves, more snow, and a boy called Nikolas, who isn’t afraid to believe in magic.

From the winner of The Smarties Book Prize and the Blue Peter Book Award. With illustrations by Chris Mould.

I LOVED this book and I hope you will too.  It truly is the perfect Christmas read!

Hamford Primary Academy Opens New Library – Friday 6th November 2015

osbertWe had a fantastic time last Friday at Hamford Primary Academy celebrating the opening of their amazing new library.  We took two awesome authors – Christopher William Hill and Billy Coughlan – who between them entertained the whole school with their interactive stories and insights into the art of story writing.

Christopher was talking about his Tales from Schwartzgartenseries of 4 books:  Osbert the AvengerThe Woebegone TwinsThe Lily-livered Prince and the most recent book Marius and the Band of Blood which was published just last week.  According to The Times, ‘fans of Roald Dahl, Chris Priestly and Lemony Snicket will savour every gruesome drop of this stylish, grisly and original comedy.’

not without my whaleMeanwhile, Billy was talking about her very first picture book – Not without my Whale – which was published in September.  This is a wonderful story about a little boy who is anxious about going to school until a lovely friend helps him overcome his fears, with a lot of fun along the way!


Every year as part of the Frinton Literary Festival, we organise for authors to visit local schools.  This year we have three brilliant authors going into into 7 local primary schools AND Tendring Technology College. This is a service that is provided free by the festival, thanks to the continued support of local sponsors and loyal festival goers. We hope this helps to promote the love of literature amongst the young people of our community.

angel daresThis year, we are delighted to welcome the award-winning writer Julia Golding who will be visiting TTC, Rolph Primary School and Holland Park Primary School.  Julia will be talking to TTC Year 7 and 8 students about her latest book in the Benedicts series – Angel Dares – as well as several other series and to primary school students about her new book Mel Foster and the Demon Butler.

When Mel Foster accidentally revives a giantess from inside a block of ice, he thinks his goose is cooked. But Eve is no MONSTER. She doesn’t want to eat Mel – she wants to protect him.  And he’s going to need all the help he can get. Queen Victoria’s butler is hatching a plan that could DESTROY the British Empire . . . and only Mel has the power to stop him!

Mel’s monstrously big adventure stars a whole host of loveable misfits with very famous family members: get ready to meet the sister of notorious vampire Dracula, the daughter of Frankenstein’s monster and the twin sons of Dr Jekyll (or should that be Hyde?).


We also have the amazing Abi Elphinstone who will be visiting Hamford Primary Academy and Frinton Primary School.  She will be talking about her debut novel The Dreamsnatcher.  Twelve-year-old Molly Pecksniff wakes one night in the middle of the forest, lured there by a recurring nightmare – the one with the drums and the rattles and the masks. The Dreamsnatcher is waiting. He has already taken her dreams and now he wants her life. Because Moll is more important than she knows…The Oracle Bones foretold that she and Gryff, a wildcat that has always been by her side, are the only ones who can fight back against the Dreamsnatcher’s dark magic. Suddenly everything is at stake, and Moll is drawn into a world full of secrets, magic and adventure. Perfect for fans of J.K. Rowling, Michelle Harrison and Eva Ibbotson. You can watch the magical trailer for Abi’s book on her website:

the sock monster

And finally we have local writer Emma McNally who will be talking about her wonderful creations The Sock Monster and Harold Huxley and Friends and visiting Frinton Primary Schook, Kirby Primary and Walton Primary.

The Sock Monster – Tom has lost his favourite sock.  Has anyone seen his sock?  It’s his favourite pair that matches his top, with only one he will have to hop.  Has anyone seen his sock?  Discover what happened to Tom’s favourite sock as you count the socks on each page.

harold huxley

Harold Huxley Harold is a househog, part of the hedgehog family.  Each day his adventures fill him with glee.  His amazing journeys, with his best friend, Lamb, don’t always go smoothly, or even to plan.

charlie and lolaBOOKS ARE MY BAG 2015 – SATURDAY 10th OCTOBER

Come into the shop this Saturday, buy any book from the Children’s department and you can take home a wonderful Tote bag designed by Charlie and Lola author and illustrator Lauren Child.  But hurry – only limited stock available!

The shop was a hive of activity on Saturday 20th June with children joining the Tiger Who Came to Tea Tiger Trail, which involved spotting tigers “hiding” in different shops around the town. We then held a very jolly Tiger Tea Party on Friday with our very own tiger reading stories and announcing the winner of the Judith Kerr prize draw.  Lois James was the lucky girl to take home Judith Kerr’s latest book – The Crocodile Under the Bed.

Three keen readers from Frinton Primary School enjoying the story-time and their own purchases later on! Beatrice Easterbrook, Imogen Hubbard and Ava Sarson – Bless!!

di as tigergirls reading


tiger who came to tea

Throughout Independent Bookshop Week there will be tigers hiding in different shops as part of the Tiger Trail.  Find the tigers to collect stickers and balloons, then join us in the shop for a 

Tiger Tea Party

Friday 26th June at 3.45pm

Keep an eye on our window for more details and information.


tyke tilerThis term we read The Turbulent Term of Tyke Tiler by Gene Kemp, which is now a modern classic.  Here are three Book Reviews from the members of the Year 5 and 6 Reading Group.

This book is all about, a girl called Tyke Tiler ! She is a very naughty girl who is always getting into trouble.

I would recommend this book to children aged between10-16, as this is quite a long read! This book is quite a good one as it has lots of mysteries and problems thought the book, and those are the types of stories that I like! I really liked this book!

This book is a very exciting book as you never knew that Tyke Tiler was going to be a girl as throughout the book you think that Tyke Tiler is a boy.

This book is a very old book, which makes some of the words hard to understand. Also, at the start of every chapter there is a joke and they are very funny. But, this book does jump about quite a lot it’s just like it can’t stick to one subject.

I liked Danny because he is always being mysterious when he is around Tyke, which makes their friendship a lot funnier and quite strange!  My favourite character is Danny because he has a speech difficulty which makes the story a whole lot more interesting!

I think that the point that that the author is trying to raise is that girls can be like boys, they can be all muddy and get into trouble so girls don’t have to be all pink and fluffy so this is the end of my book report.

By Thea Beg-Baloch

This book tells the story of Tyke Tiler a 12 year old who always seems to be in the centre of trouble. We follow Tyke and best friend Danny in there last term at school, Danny has speech impediment and Tyke always interprets for him. Tyke overhears teachers discussing about sending Danny to a special need school so he comes up with a plan to keep him there.

In my opinion it jumped too quickly between the things the pair got up to and it never seemed to give an ending to their mini stories and was always left giving a conclusion. There are lots of twists and turns in this book.

If I was to rate it I would rate it 7/10 better than most for our age group I also liked the twist at the end where you find out Tyke is actually a girl! This is a great plot twist as throughout the book you believe that the way the character behaves you automatically presume that it is a boy.

By Johnny Davies

This book is about two mischievous children who can’t help it but just always get into trouble. Tyke Tiler [Theadora Tiler] is always trying to make sure her friend Danny doesn’t get into trouble, but it always ends up with them both getting into trouble. Danny has got a speech impediment so Tyke has to translate him most of the time. He is always causing trouble and Tyke gets caught in the middle of it. Tyke and Danny are always up to no good but they don’t mean to. Like the time Tyke over heard the teachers saying that if Danny didn’t do very well in the test he would send him to a different school. So he decided to steal one of the papers and teach him all the answers. This book is full of mischief and surprises. The biggest surprise in the book is at the end when we find out that Tyke is a girl.

I didn’t really enjoy this book because it jumped about from one event to the other, I didn’t think it flowed. It felt like it started something but never ended it, like the bone and the paper mill. It only had a surprise at the end, it was a very big one but you had to get to the end to find it out. I found the slang that they spoke annoying, and I couldn’t always understand it. I enjoyed the parts when they worked together on the exam and also the parts about history. This is not my sort of book.

By Sophie O’Connor


Paddington Poster

This year we will also be running a Paddington Puzzle Window Competition to win a great Paddington Prize.  As the Paddington movie was such a hit, we thought we’d celebrate Paddington too and if you pop in to see us you may also see a very large bear!

Then on Saturday 7th March we are holding our great Paddington Party with Cakes, Balloons & Badges and special Paddington Story Time at 4pm.  We hope you will join us and meet our very own Paddington Bear.


WBD 2015

Join us on World Book Day to exchange your token for one of the AMAZING FREE WBD BOOKS or you can have £1 off any book of your choice in the shop and if we don’t have the book you want, we will happily order it for you and it will be here the next day!!

This year we will also be running a Paddington Puzzle Window Competition to win a great Paddington Prize.  As the Paddington movie was such a hit, we thought we’d celebrate Paddington too and if you pop in to see us you may also see a very large bear!

Then on Saturday 7th March we are holding our great Paddington Party with Cakes, Balloons & Badges and special Paddington Story Time at 4pm.  We hope you will join us and meet our very own Paddington Bear.

Closing date for Window Competition last date of WBD Token – 29th March

Frinton Primary School Book Reviews

rooftoppersThis term the Frinton Primary School Year 5 and 6 Reading Group read Rooftoppers by Katherine Rundell.  We all really enjoyed it and would like to share our reviews with you.

Roof Toppers: Author Katherine Rundell

A Review by Molly Redgrave   –  Yr 5

Roof Toppers is a comic, fast paced adventure story that has a fairy tale edge to it.  The book tells the story of the adventures experienced by the central character Sophie.

The book begins when Sophie is shipwrecked on a journey through the English Channel and is subsequently rescued by an untidy, kind and generous scholar Charles Maxim who was a passenger with Sophie on board ship.

The main theme of the book follows Sophie’s journey through her childhood. The story outlines Sophie’s early life from her difficult adoption by Charles Maxim, living with Charles in a ‘beautiful house’ in London and their subsequent escape to Paris.

When Sophie first arrived in London, just after her first birthday, Charles Maxim tries to adopt Sophie. A very proper official, Mrs Elliot from the National Child Care Agency, tries to remove Sophie from Charles’ care, because she believes a young girl should not be raised by a man.  However after a great deal of effort Charles manages to convince Mrs Elliot that Sophie should remain in his care.

The traumatic effect of the shipwreck makes Sophie’s early life difficult. Sophie constantly dreams about drowning and when she wakes up from her nightmares, instinctively she climbs onto the top of the wardrobe where she feels safe. Sophie also develops a bad habit of breaking plates which means the pair have to eat off hardback books.

Charles, with patience, kindness and humour teaches Sophie to love books, music and the ‘possibilities of life’.  However this almost idyllic life comes to a sudden end when Charles receives a letter from the National Child Care Agency stating he was no longer suitable to look after Sophie and they intended to remove Sophie from his care.

The true adventure now begins, Sophie and Charles escape from London by taxi, train and ship to a hotel in Paris where the story develops into a heart-warming, tough, imaginative, loving, detective story.

Without giving away too much, the story flows at a fast pace, it describes her adventures with Matheo, Anastasia, Safi and Gérard through the ‘Roof tops’ of Paris to discover who Sophie really is.

A great magical read that I would recommend for children between the ages of 7 and 12.

Book Review by Jamie

Synopsis:  One day Charles finds a girl called Sophie in a ditch, abandoned.  Charles tries to make sure Sophie has a family that looks after her more than anyone else. Then, Charles tries to bring Sophie to a place in town which is the opera.

What are the best bits?  When Charles brings Sophie to the opera but Sophie is scared so she stays in her cello case but when she hears the music she suddenly comes out and enjoys it.

Did I Like It?  Yes because I like how Charles saves Sophie, the forgotten child, and adopts her. Charles dream of wanting to be a parent come true.

Who would I recommend it to?  Children who have struggled throughout their lives and might not have the same life as I do.

Book Review by Charles.

This book is a pleasure to read!  Sophie was found in the middle of the Channel floating by Charles, She met a boy called Mateo and they went looking for her Mother. Charles and Sophie were going to an opera but Mrs and Mr Eliot came round from the Council and they were ok with Sophie living with Charles. So Charles went to the opera!!!

I would recommend this book called Roof Toppers because it really gets you into that oomph and most other books don’t!

Also it contains negative and positive endings in the beginning of the story and the end!


Every year as part of the Frinton Literary Festival, we organise for authors to visit local schools.  This year we have two brilliant authors going into into 5 local primary schools AND Tendring Technology College. This is a service that is provided free by the festival, thanks to the continued support of local sponsors and loyal festival goers. We hope this helps to promote the love of literature amongst the young people of our community.

This year, we are delighted to welcome the amazing creator of children’s fantasy adventure trilogy, Marcus Alexander, who will be visiting TTC, Frinton Primary and Holland Park Primary School.

charlie keeper‘I’ve just had a flesh-eating giant tearing around my house and now I’m in this strange land I don’t know anything about!’  CHARLIE KEEPER has been forced from her home by a bloodthirsty and terrifying stranger.  But in escaping she discovers her house holds the gateway to the REALM OF BELLANIA – a place of myth, magic . . . and an evil Lord with a very bad attitude.  NOW its fate rests squarely upon Charlie’s shoulders. But before she can untangle the mystery that will save Bellania, she needs the answer to a life-changing secret her guardian, the dastardly Mr Crow, has been keeping from her . . . Just who is Charlie Keeper?  Find out more about him and Charlie’s adventures at

braveTogether with local author and winner of The Times Children’s Fiction Competition Wendy Constance who will be visiting Walton Primary School, Kirby Primary School and Hamford Primary Academy.  ’Brave’ is set 13,000 years ago. Wild Horse has been sent to prove his bravery by bringing a runaway girl back to her tribe before she’s taken by wolves. But Blue Bird doesn’t want to be found, and persuades Wild Horse to join her and a rescued sabre-tooth cub.  It’s the greatest adventure of their lives, and they must fight with spear, tooth and claw to survive.

photo (5)Our Grab your Granny Extravaganza on Saturday 5th July was a huge success during Independent Booksellers’ Week.   The shop was full of balloons, grannies and grandchildren signing up for our new Children’s Loyalty Scheme and entering the Prize Draw to win a hardback copy of Gangsta Granny signed by David Walliams.  If you missed the event on Saturday, there is still time to pop in, have your photo taken, join the scheme and enter the draw.  The winner will be announced this Saturday – 12th July.  In the meantime, do stop by to admire our lovely window display with photos of Frinton’s Glorious Grannies and their proud grandchildren.

gangsta grannyTo celebrate Independent Booksellers’ Week and the wonder of Grannies, we are inviting you all to Grab your Granny and come down to Caxton Books on Saturday 5th July

  •  Come in and join our new Children’s Loyalty Scheme
  • First 200 to join collect a Gangsta Granny Book Mark
  • Enjoy £1 off any Children’s Book on the day!
  • Have your photo taken with your Granny and we’ll put your name in the Swag Bag to win a hardback copy of Gangsta Granny signed by David Walliams himself!

If your Granny cannot be with you on Saturday, then Grab a Photo of you and your Granny – or just your Granny and you can still enter the competition. Honorary Grannies also welcome!

  •  Photos will be used to create a wonderful new window display full of our lovely local Grannies….so don’t delay Grab your Granny today!


A big THANK YOU to all local children who created the most amazing window display for us with their beautiful Book Birds. Those who managed to come in on World Book Day were rewarded with one of Beverley’s fantastic Book Bird Cakes!

WORLD BOOK DAY 2014Don’t forget to bring your World Book Day Voucher into the shop to claim your free WBD book and grab yourself a delicious cake at the same time!  We will also be creating an amazing window display with Book Birdsin a Book Tree!  Watch this space for more information.



‘My name is August. I won’t describe what I look like. Whatever you’re thinking, it’s probably worse.’  Auggie wants to be an ordinary ten-year-old. He does ordinary things – eating ice cream, playing on his Xbox. He feels ordinary – inside. But ordinary kids don’t make other ordinary kids run away screaming in playgrounds. Ordinary kids aren’t stared at wherever they go.  Born with a terrible facial abnormality, Auggie has been home-schooled by his parents his whole life. Now, for the first time, he’s being sent to a real school – and he’s dreading it. All he wants is to be accepted – but can he convince his new classmates that he’s just like them, underneath it all?

WONDER is a funny, frank, astonishingly moving debut to read in one sitting, pass on to others, and remember long after the final page.   

This is our January 2014 Frinton Primary School Year 6 Book Club read – I LOVED it and really hope they did too! I thoroughly recommend it to young people and adults alike. (Sally)

VISIT FROM AUTHOR LAURA POWELL – Wednesday 24th April 2013

Laura visited CCHS and St Mary’s School in Colchester to talk about her two great books Burn Mark & Witch Fire.  Inspired by a school project on witchcraft, Laura’s main character Glory is a young witch who was brought up on a council estate in the East End surrounded by gangsters. In a strange twist of fate, she ends up on the run with Lucas, who is the son of a wealthy and very powerful witch-finder.   In the second book, Witch Fire, the two go on a secret government mission to Switzerland and South America to hunt down a murderous terrorist organisation.  We have signed copies of these great thrillers in the shop with £1 off RRP.


World Book Day was last Thursday – 7thMarch and we had a very busy day indeed!  Tendring Technology College lower school were busy designing robots for their adopted author Charlotte Haptie, who has published two children’s books with crazy robot characters – Granny Grabbers’ Whizz Bang Worldand Granny Grabbers Daring Rescue, as well as running a Book Fair which we organised for them.  We also took Book Fairs into Tendring Technology College  upper school, Kirby Primary, Frinton Primary and Walton Primary.  Author Erica-Jane Waters’new book Petticoat Pirates was published on World Book Day, so she came all the way from Northamptonshire to work with Key Stage 2 pupils at Kirby Primary School, making pirate eye-patches and designing sea monsters!  Meanwhile local author Veronique Eckstein who has published two delightful picture books set on Mersea Island – The Christmas Seal and Mersea Mick – was at Frinton Primary to open their new School Library and to talk to all the children and lots of parents about the books and her experience as a writer.  Phew!  What a lovely World Book Day – we certainly did a lot of buzzing about books!

Great review for Stephen Pastis’s Timmy Failure by young reader Noah Backhouse aged 9-‘The Book was great and hilariously funny. Timmy Failure is a real page turner!!! It was so great I just couldn’t put it down. My favourite character is Total the 1500 lb polar bear.  I recommend that everyone should read this book!’ Timmy Failure is published by Walker Books in Feb 2013.  Order your copy now – you won’t be disappointed!!

A Doggy Tale from a Muddy Island – Mersea Mick – meet author Veronique Eckstein in the Gallery on Friday 14th December at 6.30pm and 7.15pm.

Veronique Eckstein author of the Christmas Seal talks about her beautifully illustrated tale of a First World War Pilot and his flying companion Mick his faithful Fox Terrier Dog.

In 1988 a sharp-eyed nine-year old boy found a 1lb glass jar sticking out of the cliffs at East Mersea.  He handed the jar to Dougal Urquart, Ranger at Cudmore Grove.

The jar contained a faded envelope with a letter from a First World War pilot to his faithful fox terrier Mick. They turned out to be from the dog’s gravestone that used to be in the bluebell wood on the cliff at Cudmore Grove, East Mersea.

These unique beach finds have been spun into a story involving two boys, a dog and a World War I pilot.

As part of this year’s Literary Festival, EMMA CRAIGIE author of CHOCOLATE CAKE WITH HITLER visited Tendring Technology College and spoke to the whole of Year 7, giving a fascinating insight into Hitler’s last few days in the Bunker.  She then visited Colchester County High School for Girls and spoke to a range of age groups from Year 8 to Year 12!  A lovely author, a brilliant book and two amazing school events.  Thank you to everyone involved in making this such a success.

We were delighted to be asked by Bloomsbury if we would like to be part of Anne Cassidy’s book tour.  Anne was promoting her latest book Dead Time, a gripping thriller which is the first of a series of books called The Murder Notebooks.  On Tuesday 15th May, Anne spoke to the whole of Year 8 at Colchester County High School for Girls and then to a small group of Year 9 girls at Tendring Technology College.  Her rather quirky and bleak view of the world certainly impressed the girls who were keen to get their hands on the book!  Many thanks to Anne and Bloomsbury.

Celebrating Independent Booksellers’ Week 18th – 25th June 2011

Find the Hidden KipperCompetition.

Mini-Kipper figures will be hiding in shops in Connaught Avenue all week!  The person who brings the list with the most sightings of Kipper wins the prize.  If you see Kipper himself he will also sign your sheet!

Prize presented by Kipper himself on

Saturday 25th June at 10am.

You may even find Kipper serving in the shop from time to time too!


Kipper will be joining us for stories throughout the week:

Wednesday 22nd at 10am & 11am in Frinton Library

Wednesday 22nd at 4.15pm in the shop with Mary

Friday 24th at 9.30am in the shop with Mandy

Saturday 25th at 10am in the shop with Mary


We hold our children’s bedtime story on the last Wednesday of each month.  Please join us at 5pm for this lovely event.  We look forward to seeing you then.


Following a very difficult judging process, the Mayor came to the shop on World Book Day to present the prizes for our Book Jacket Design Competition.  The winners were thrilled with their awards and we were amazed at the incredibly high standard of the entries.

To celebrate IBW we have arranged the following exciting activities for children and hope you will be able to join in the fun!


From Monday 14th June, Wally will be hiding in various shops in Connaught Avenue and somewhere different every day in Caxton Books and Gallery.

Wally will be in the shop on Tuesday 22nd at 4.00 p.m. to award prizes to those children who found the most wally hiding places!


Saturday 19th June from 11.a.m. everyone is invited to try their skills at doodling. Its Fathers’ Day on Sunday 20th, so why not doodle a present for Dad, or bring Dad along and doodle together. Lots of prizes and activities to enjoy.

EASTER WINDOW DESIGN COMPETITION – Open to all primary school childrenibw2015

Easter Window designed by Lawrence Anderson