Book Review by Beatrice Easterbrook, aged 8

‘The Girl Who Saved Christmas’ by Matt Haig

About the Book

Interestingly, the book is all about the sentimental value of hope and the fact is that, if we did not believe in Father Christmas, and believe that he would come, then Father Christmas would not be able to deliver all of the wonderful presents that we get!

You might think that Father Christmas himself never gets any gifts, but he gets one of the most brilliant gifts in the world, seeing the children smile on Christmas Day.

MyFavourite Character

My favourite character is the elf called Little Mim because he is a little bit cheeky! The reason why I think this is because he woke up really early on Christmas morning and started jumping up and down on his parents bed (his poor parents were still asleep!) But he is also a really brave elf, because as soon as he discovered that his Mum was dangerously going to visit the trolls, he followed her! I like that he is also really excitable, and could not wait when he heard that he was going to the workshop where the older elves make presents for the children.

My Favourite Part of the Story

I loved the part of the story where Amelia meets Charles Dickens because I felt more and more curious about what might happen. I really enjoyed the way that the author described it, it really made you feel the emotions that the characters felt. I enjoyed imagining what the scene looked like, as I felt that I knew and could picture it, from the extraordinary vocabulary used.

Who Would I Recommend this Book to?

Overall, I recommend this book to people that like exciting and captivating stories. I think that this book is aimed at children of the age of about 8 and upwards, if you are a fairly confident reader, as it does have a couple of sad moments in it, but also lots of fun!

This is one of the best books that I have ever read, I am very glad that Matt Haig wrote it!